WILDA Spårning AB

I funded WILDA Spårning AB at the beginning of 2017 together with my college William to commercialise our radio technology developed at the end of our university studies. The technology gave us a clear advantage in long distance communication in non-urban environments. WILDA Spårning was also awarded the most innovative company in the north of Sweden by SKAPA-stiftelsen and invited to compete in the national competition.

WILDA Spårning was also accepted to the ESA Business Incubation Centre to examine how our radio technology could help the tracking of firefighters during forest fires. This incubation includes funding of 50 000 EUR and ESA-support to help make space technology accessible.

In general, through WILDA Spårning’s close contact with the university we are currently at the forefront of tracking technology and can offer solutions to both indoor and outdoor tracking in a range of different environments and situations. However, the company is currently put on hold and mainly gives consultations to non-urban communication solutions.

An article in Swedish explaining the company can be found here: http://www.affarerinorr.se/nyheter/2017/september/wilda-spaarning-satsar-paa-katastrofomraaden/


At the award ceremony for WILDA Spårning